God Remembered

Originally Posted July 13, 2015

God Remembered.

We see this phrase so many times in scripture.

Genesis 8:1 – “Then God remembered Noah…”

Genesis 30:22 – “Then God remembered Rachel…”

1 Samuel 1:19 – “… and the Lord remembered her.”

And so on.

God Remembered. But did God ever forget these people?


God didn’t forget them and He doesn’t forget us. When we look at these scriptures they demonstrate God giving special care and attention to His people. With Hannah and Rachel, he opened their wombs and gave them children… eventually. With Noah He dried up the waters… eventually. Notice the keyword here: eventually.

Sometimes we think that we know what we need in our lives. I like to say, “One way to make God laugh is to make plans.” And boy does He put us in our place when we think we can handle life without Him.

The phrase “God Remembers” is a great reminder that He does everything intentionally. I heard a brilliant analogy this week that likens God’s methods to a tapestry. From His side, He gets to see the beautiful picture that each of our lives intertwine to create; while from our side, we just see a mess of strings hanging all over the place.

Though I’m not a huge fan of romantic drama movies, I recently watched The Best of Me based on a Nicholas Sparks book. The end of that movie is a perfect example of how God works in mysterious, yet very intentional, ways. Where you may see only heartbreak and pain, just remember that God knows the rest of the story and can see the big picture. I know that isn’t much comfort when you’re in the thick of it, but God hears all your prayers and He will remember you.

With Love & Light,



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