Guest Post: Fruit of the Spirit

Originally Posted September 29, 2015

Today we have a guest post by Leona Morelock to speak about the Fruit of the Spirit (our September box theme):

The Forgotten God by Francis Chan was my first real introduction to my Holy Spirit.  He is also your Holy Spirit but to me He will always be mine.

The title of Francis’ book says it all.  I grew up in church and heard about God and Jesus as much as anyone could but when it came to the third person in the Holy Trinity I really didn’t know Him.  But to us, today, He is the God who is with us.  When Jesus ascended to heaven he said:

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. – Acts 1:8 NLT

He wasn’t just talking that day to His disciples.  I believe he was talking to all generations which means you and me.  So if we have the Holy Spirt upon us and we have His power then the fruit of the spirit are already in our possession.  We already know how to love our neighbor, how to be joyful in our everyday moments.  We have peace within ourselves and can create the same in our home, we can be patient with the 3 year old who asks why one more time or the aging parent who needs you to walk slower.  We are kind in our transactions with others and treat everyone fair because we are good.  We are faithful and know that He resides in us.  We are gentle to our teenage children when we have to show discipline and we explain the reason why.  And we have the self-control to not have that drink, to not lash out when that is all we want to do and to get up thirty minutes early to do Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred!

Those qualities are inside us and all we need to do is tap into them.  Ask our Spirit to help us find them and put them to practice.  How cool is that??  Imagine with me what could happen, what we could do if we truly believed that and if we only asked.  How many more people we could touch with not only our words but our actions.  People listen to you words but also to your actions, many times more so.

The fruit of the Spirit is hanging on my wall so I can see it daily and I am teaching my son that he is kind, he is good, he is gentle, he is patient.  We haven’t got to the -ness words yet but we’ll get there  🙂  When he knows and believes that he’ll be set.  We are known by our fruit and I’d rather be known by the works of the Spirit then of the flesh.

What fruit do you struggle with?  Have you spent time in prayer asking for that very fruit to be revealed to you?

Leona Morelock is a Life Celebrationsit, and Event Designer, a Lifestyle Blogger, a Product Stylist, a Brand Ambassador, a Disciple, a Mom to Bronson and a Wife to Chad. She designed the notecards for the September ilybox. You can learn more about her by visiting her website!

With Love & Light,



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