Hearing God Loud and Clear

Originally Posted September 23, 2015

Periscope is a relatively new social media network powered by Twitter. It’s a live video platform where people can follow you and are notified when you start a live broadcast. I am typically not an “early joiner” when it comes to social media networks because I already have my favorites (and they keep me relatively busy) but when I saw that Michael Hyatt and Chalene Johnson were big supporters of Periscope, I had to check it out.

I have to admit, at first I just watched. I had absolutely no interest in broadcasting myself, but as is usual for me, when I make my mind up on something God changes my heart.

I was spending some quality time in my war room, asking God what I can do to glorify Him most through ilybox, when I felt the question being posed: “Why are you not recording scopes?”

My first reaction was, “You know what Periscope is?” Ha ha! Of course God knows what Periscope is, but as I think of Him as a Father, I think of him as, well, older…

Anyway, my second reaction was to answer (ahem: make up excuses) as to why I wasn’t actively scoping:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I’m not great in front of a camera (especially LIVE!).
  • I don’t know what to scope about.
  • My followers don’t need to hear from me.
  • This is a flash in the pan social media network, it won’t last.
  • And finally, I don’t want people to focus on me, I want them to focus on God.

I pleaded with God in that moment, “I wish You could do scopes so everyone could see Your face! How wonderful would that be?”

And I heard Him whisper back, “I made you in My image, you are My face.”


Tears stung at the corners of my eyes. Fear tugged at my heart. I was hearing God Loud and Clear. I knew at that point that I had no other choice but to bite the bullet and go for it.

So, I’ve started scoping. The videos are short, I talk fast, and I’m not perfect; but I know that this is what God wants me to be doing, so I’m doing it.

Is there anything you’re fighting God on right now? Something that deep down you know He wants you to do but you’ve been making up lots of excuses to convince yourself not to do it? I want to challenge you to GO FOR IT TODAY! Try it out.

The more I scope, the more comfortable I become and the more I feel God reaching through me to the people watching. That would have never happened without actually listening to what God wanted me to do.

Are you on Periscope? You can find the ilybox scopes by searching @ilybox either on Twitter or Periscope. You can also go to http://katch.me/ilybox to see the replays. I’d love to interact with you and watch your scopes too!

With Love & Light,



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