Never Underestimate the Power of a Child

Originally Posted September 14, 2015

When a great man in our family passed away a few months ago, one of my nieces asked his wife if we could do something to honor him on his birthday: release colorful balloons into the atmosphere. After a bit of deliberation, they decided together that it would be better for us to do so on my niece’s birthday instead.

Yesterday we celebrated her birthday. It was a beautiful end of summer day with a cool breeze, bright blue sky, and the sun beaming down on us. Two large bags of colorful balloons were passed out to the nearly 30 party guests and we all stood in the back yard while some sweet words were spoken:

“We remember Dave and all his good spirit and how he had a great smile and did good things for people. We all love him and we all miss him.”

Counting down from ten, I’m sure there were many different emotions going through the crowd. The balloons could have symbolized a release of grief, sending a prayer or thought to heaven, or maybe they were just a wonderfully appealing spectacle for the small children. I know I personally felt love, joy, and completely blessed to be with the people I love and the ability to honor such a great man.

As the balloons tumbled and floated up into the air, there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t watching them fly away. The big tough men all the way down to the toddler, every eye was glued to the sky. Tears were shed, smiles were shared, and many thumbs up were raised to the heavens but the smile of pure joy on my niece’s face was priceless.

I believe God uses children to teach us, to show us the wonders of this world, and to bring His precious light into the darkness. How often do you see the love of Jesus in your child’s face? Trust me, it’s there. Their pure and wholesome trust is why I believe their prayers are more often answered. Next time your child has an idea, listen to it, I mean really listen. Drop everything, make eye contact, and really hear them. You never know who their idea might touch.

Children are powerful. They have powerful feelings and ideas. Never underestimate the power of a child.

With Love & Light,



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