Rework Your Resolutions

Originally Posted December 31, 2015

This morning Good Morning America listed the most common resolutions for 2016. They’re not too terribly surprising:

  1. Enjoy Life to the Fullest
  2. Live a Healthier Lifestyle
  3. Lose Weight
  4. Spend More Time with Family and Friends
  5. Save More, Spend Less

On the surface these all look like good resolutions to make, but there’s one thing missing. I’d like to propose that in 2016 we do more than just try harder to be better, I propose that we try harder to be more like Jesus. Below I’m going to rework the top 5 resolutions.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest → Give God Our Lives and Full Attention

God didn’t put us here to be miserable, however, this life is about more than just our own personal enjoyment. This life is about spreading God’s love, His word, and bringing more people to know and love Jesus so they can be with us in eternity. Enjoying life means something different for everyone but it is a very self-centered resolution without Jesus as the foundation. I would love to enjoy life to the fullest this year if that means that I am able to bring a smile to someone in need, share the Good News with someone who is struggling, or see the miracles that only come with loving the Man who created us and died on the cross to save us.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle → Treat My Body as a Temple

When we make a statement that we’ll live a healthier lifestyle, what does that mean? If all we currently do is sit on the couch eating junk and drinking beer, it might be relatively easy to be “healthier” by simply taking a walk once a week, but this does not achieve the command that God has given us to treat our bodies like temples. What does that mean? It means to do everything we possibly can to be 100% healthy. Will we fail? Yes. Will we be better off by trying to be 100% than just “healthier?” Absolutely!

Lose Weight → Demonstrate Self Control

Just like above, we need to treat our bodies as temples. We need to watch what we put in our mouths and do more to be active. The other piece of this is to have self control. Self control is one of the Fruits of the Spirit that each believer has within them the moment they accept Jesus into their hearts. The Holy Spirit lives within us and one of the Fruits He gives us is self control, we just have to learn to work and build that muscle. The more you demonstrate self control, the more self control you’ll have.

Spend More Time with Family and Friends → Use My Time Wisely 

To me this sounds like more a matter of time management than anything else. If we do not find time to spend with the people we love, we obviously have our priorities jumbled. If our job or hobbies or laziness has taken the place of spending time with people that matter most in our lives, we need to reevaluate how we spend our time.

Save More, Spend Less → Refocus My Priorities

If you have a problem with spending, I would venture to guess that there’s a deeper reason as to why you have a problem. Whether it be the rush you get when you buy new things, the impulse to keep up with the Jonses, or you are simply not making enough money to make ends meet, there’s usually an underlying problem when it comes to spending. Here’s some food for thought: When’s the last time you tithed? Not just $5.00 here or there in the offering plate, but the full 10% with an eager and giving heart? God blesses those who are faithful. I’ve seen it in my own life, when I’ve looked back after a hard month, and though I didn’t know how we’d make ends meet, we were able to get by by the grace of God. I know many don’t believe in tithing anymore, but I do.

Overall, whatever you choose for your resolutions I’d like to give you just a couple of tips for 2016:

  1. Pray about your resolutions. Ask God for his blessing and clarity in what you’re striving to achieve. Make them about Him, rather than about you.
  2. Make goals instead of resolutions. Write them down. Make them S.M.A.R.T.
  3. When you fail, and you will fail, don’t wait until December 31, 2016 to start again, every day is a good day for a new beginning.

With Love & Light,



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